I started seeing Bill when I was going through an exceptionally difficult divorce.  At the time  everything seemed to be  spinning out of control and I was unsure of how to stabilize my life again.  Through Bill’s expertise I was able to see the right path forward for both me and my son clearly again. Today, my son is thriving and I am happy again. Anyone that finds themselves in a troubling situation would do themselves a huge favor if they go to see Bill. He’s the best!!!!

Scott G. Folsom, CA


All my adult life I have gone to therapy on and off for various life obstacles. I am 65 years old and discovered Bill when I was in my 40’s. While I have seen a variety of therapists, Bill is far and away the most thoughtful, insightful, caring and brilliantly helpful therapist I have ever encountered. What a blessing he was in my life. (and will be when I encounter yet another of life’s inevitable obstacles.) So very helpful!  Thank you Bill!

Eve L. Santa Rosa, CA


Bill is busy, and worth the wait.  very smart, well-expereinced and outstanding demeanor for counseling and therapy.  You get the truth, if you listen, and in the way you could best accept and use it.  PERFECT!  Thanks Bill!

Anthony S. Livermore, C


I’ve been working with Bill four years and he has been incredibly helpful. He’s extraordinarily warm, caring and supportive and has been a tremendous resource for me whether the issue is relationships, marriage, work or family.

Bill is attentive, patient, thoughtful and a good listener. He’s also vulnerable and shares from his own experiences. He’s passionate about his work, it’s his calling and that shines through in how he works with individuals and goes above and beyond to understand and then help on the path forward.

Bill is honest about his opinion on a situation and helps to get right to the heart of the matter. He also understands that individuals come to their own truth in their own time so there is no pressure or judgment.

Bill is a treasured gift as a counselor and as a person. I will always be extraordinarily grateful for him and his work with me.

MT-San Francisco


This man is amazing.  My husband and I see him for marriage counseling.  He has taught us so many good ways to communicate and listen.  Bill is very wise and fair.  I couldn’t give a better recomendation to a marriage counselor.

Karen M.-Sacramento, CA


I have known Bill Blazek for years. I have referred several friends and family to him and everyone says he is a great listener and that he helped them a great deal. I recommend him to you without reservation.
Mark D-Sacramento
David W.

Bill has guided me through some of the most difficult times of my life. He’s exceptionally talented, and combines that with real warmth and kindness. He was able to help me break through the barriers that had built up during my childhood and beyond – including the death of my father and my son. I can’t really explain specifically how he does it, but somehow I finally felt comfortable opening up about things that I’d never discussed before. He helped me understand how the barriers hurt me personally, and also how they hurt my relationships. And he gave me guidance on how to come to terms with the pain. I love Bill…he’s a great person, and the best counselor I’ve had.

David W-Sacramento, CA

Jeff C.

I came to Bill based on a recommendation from a friend and have never been disappointed.  Sorting through relationship issues can be quite complex and yet Bill helped me break it down into not only why the issues might be occurring but also what to do to move ahead.  He provides personal experiences as examples which allowed me to open up and provide the same to him. His ability to help heal, not place blame on either party, was reassuring, comforting, and insightful.  Bill has become a life coach for me and his ability to listen and provide feedback is unmatched by anyone I have ever known.  I wanted to make improvements in my life and my relationships, romantic or otherwise, but could not figure out how best to do that.  Bill was able to shorten my learning curve and do so in a way that I could easily relate and then implement immediately.  I will always be grateful to him for his guidance and support.

Jeff C-Folsom, CA

I have attended individual and joint counseling sessions with Bill. He is a first rate counselor and individual. He is extremely insightful; and, provides very thoughtful and helpful  suggestions and comments at every session. He has a wealth of experience; and, it definitely shows in how he approaches the counseling sessions. He is very personable and non-judgmental. Bill has been instrumental in getting me “back on track” to a positive attitude towards relationships and life.

JM-Sacramento, CA


Many years ago, as a young adult, my family sought counselling from Bill. While hesitant and skeptical at first, Bill’s ability to listen and thoughtfully assess family dynamics won me over through his calm, unbiased and loving approach to healing. Since then, I have been back to Bill for counselling many times throughout various struggles and challenges in my life and in my relationships. He has always carefully listened to me and developed thoughtful strategies for facing these difficult times. He puts into plain language what is true and real, but is often hidden by fear, anger, shame, hurt and those ugly emotions which can thwart the development and sustainability of healthy relationships. His insight into human interaction, relationships and emotions is a gift that he possesses in spades and kindly shares with those open and thoughtful enough to seek out his counselling. I have referred many friends to Bill over the years and they too have shared their story of healing through Bill’s counselling. I cannot recommend Bill enough to those who seek a better understanding of themselves, their partners, their family, and their community. Bill’s practical and caring approach can give anyone the tools necessary to find healing, achieve contentment, create happiness and build loving relationships.

Allyson S. Sacramento, CA